OFSHEEA 2021 Conference: Session 1

Workshop #1:
Thirteen A Social Enterprise: Cooking Workshop

Presenter:  Meagan McVeigh

We will be making a recipe using the spices we make and sell through our social enterprise.

Thirteen A Social Enterprise (13:ASE) is an entrepreneurial program of the Parkdale Food Centre. 13:ASE engages youth seeking employment and skills development opportunities in the operation of a social enterprise. By engaging participants in all aspects of business decisions and development, in a collaborative and supported space, this program helps participants gain strong emotional and social skills as well as confidence in themselves and their future. 13:ASE also serves as an entry point into the labour market. It provides a supportive first work experience and the opportunity to build a social and professional network. The skills that participants and peer mentors develop through 13:ASE are directly related to improving access to work experience, obtaining experience, gaining community connections and language development.

Workshop #2:
Ground Beef Matters

Ground Beef

Presenters:  Carol Harrison, Joyce Parslow, Karine Barlow, Sandra Vos

Ground Beef Matters. This one hour session is deigned to give Family Studies teachers the info they need to speak with confidence about this household staple. What you don’t know about Canada’s most popular meat might surprise you. Level up your knowledge as leading experts in Canadian beef share the Canadian context for sustainable beef, how Canadians buy and cook their favourite meat, Canadian data on red meat intakes and a review of simulated meats versus ground beef.

*The presenters will be giving away a $25 Chapters Gift Card to one lucky attendee of this workshop.

Workshop #3:
Meeting Diverse Needs

Presenters:  Gillian Manley, Rosemary Vanderhoeven

Wondering if you are meeting the diverse needs of your students? Due to the subject content nature of family studies classes (family, culture, food, lifestyle, gender, parenting, textiles, housing)  there are many opportunities to create valuable learning experiences that are equitable and inclusive.

This interactive workshop will give you a first look into equity and inclusion in the family studies classroom. We will explore current teaching practices as reported in a recent survey of Ontario Family Studies teachers and look at some research based practices that we should consider implementing in our classrooms.

As our classrooms are hands on, we are in the unique position of being able to offer inclusion opportunities for students with different learning challenges such as developmental education students and those on the autism spectrum. We will give you some valuable tips and advice on how to do this.

We will include case studies and interactive opportunities in this workshop along with practical tips.

Gillian Manley is a families studies teacher with the Thames Valley DSB with a number of years experience teaching developmental education. Outside of school Gillian is completing her Master’s in Educational Psychology with Purdue Global University. She is the proud mom of Hannah and Liam, who is hearing impaired. Gillian is a strong advocate for the inclusion of all.

Rosemary Vanderhoeven is a family studies teacher with the Thames Valley DSB. She has been welcoming developmental education students into her classes for a couple of years. These students add much to the class culture and learning of all students. Outside of school she is involved with Special Olympics, coaching swimming and skating. Rosemary is the proud mother of three children, including one with an intellectual disability.

Workshop #4:
Equity and Accountability - HIF 10O

Presenter:  Kristina Whitford

Are you looking for ways to incorporate important issues like Anti-Black Racism and Indigenous content into HIF?  This workshop will provide some practical tips, suggestions and lessons to help incorporate these into your course. This session will also include text, video and guest speaker suggestions to help the classroom teacher make practical, realistic changes in a short period of time.

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