OFSHEEA 2021 Conference: Session 2

Workshop #1:
Agriculture and Food: A World Connected

Presenter: Susan Dueckman

In this workshop, learners will explore the relationship between agriculture and food, understanding how food gets from Canadian farms to our plates. Learner will then put their learning to the test through interactives activities that model how to deliver agriculture and food education in the classroom and online. Finally, leaners will explore current program and resource offerings available to them to support bringing agriculture and food education to the classroom.

Susan Dueckman, Teacher Ambassador, is a 30+ year veteran to teaching who retired from the Halton District School Board in June 2019. Most of her years were spent teaching Geography at the high school level, but in her first few years of teaching, she helped to open a high school in the First Nation community of Kashechewan, on the shores of James Bay.

Workshop #2:
Difficult Conversations

Presenter: Pat Wright

This workshop explores how to navigate difficult conversations about race and provide strategies for making connections respectfully.

Pat Wright, B.Sc., M.Ed., is a retired educator who was an elected member of the provincial executive of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation. She has continued to work in the community with equity seeking non-profit organizations. She spent several years with Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion, where she was the Interim Executive Director, and the Manager of Training and Community Engagement. She was also an instructor for the Leadership and Community Engagement program for the McMaster University Centre for Continuing Education in Hamilton. When she was the AntiRacism Trainer and Facilitator for the HWDSB, Pat authored two resource books (i) Using An Equity Lens – A Guide To Creating Equitable and Inclusive School Environments, and (ii) Assessing Learning Materials for Bias. Pat continues to develop curriculum and provide EDI training to local community organizations. Pat has chaired the Race Relations Advisory Committee for the city of London, was profiled in the first edition (2002) of “Who’s Who In Black Canada”, is the winner of the 2006 District 60 Toastmasters Humorous Story Contest, and also winner of the 2009 John Holland award for Community Service in Hamilton. Pat was a writer for the Hamilton based on-line magazine Illuminessence, and in 2006 published a collection of her writings, inspirational letters and poems in her first book called Letters to Inspire.

Workshop #3:
Creating Interactive Lessons in Google Slides

Presenter: Carrie Clarkson

Have you wanted to learn how to create interactive activities for your students? Learn the secrets of creating interactive Google Slides to make interactive digital classrooms, digital escape rooms, and lessons where students can click on images to get the information they need! Bring your idea for an interactive lesson that you have been wanting to develop!

Carrie Clarkson has been and OFSHEEA member for over 20 years and has exclusively taught Family Studies with the Halton District School Board since 2001. The last year teaching at the virtual school allowed her to develop a variety of creative ways to engage students online.

Workshop #4:
Approaching Queer Content in Family Studies

Presenter: Clinton Jang-Naruse

In this workshop, we will be looking to explore how we can approach queer issues and content in Family Studies classes. Focus will be given to courses found in General Family Studies courses and Raising and Caring for Children courses. The following questions will guide us : – How do I explore gender identity with my students ? – How do I explore queer relationships with my students ? – How do I explore sexual orientiation with students ? Attendees will be provided with authentic, relevant and varied resources and techniques that will help them be able to approach the various topics. (Please note : While the presenter is queer identifying, this workshop will focus more on how to assist non-queer identifying attendees on approaching this learning and teaching.)

Clinton Jang-Naruse is a secondary teacher working with the Toronto District School Board. He is currently the department head of international languages, extended French and French immersion at Leaside High School. When he is not teaching, Clinton has a passion for going outdoors and volunteering within the LGBTQ+ community. As a queer person himself, he understands the need to create and provide inclusive, positive, safe and brave spaces for queer and non-queer persons. Clinton has worked with various groups (TPL and ACAS, to name a few) in this professional development.

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