ALL OF THE RESOURCES BELOW ARE AVAILABLE FOR FREE (no membership is required to access them).  Only lesson plans are available in English and French.

Financial literacy and OFSHEEA - Aga Khan Museum resources include an instructional organizer, lesson plans, student handouts, teacher answer keys, powerpoint presentations, and if applicable, assessment and evaluation tools.

Fashion Takes Action REWEAR Virtual Challenge

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OFSHEEA-Aga Khan Museum Resources

OFSHEEA, in partnership with the Aga Khan Museum and the Ministry of Ontario, is proud to release NEW resources and learning activities for teachers, created with the goal of building a foundational knowledge of the Muslim world by encouraging our students to make connections to their own personal cultures with familial faith journeys.  These resources encourage students to investigate the experiences we all share as humans through purposeful and engaging interactions with others outside of their cultural groups.

Click the link to access: Aga Khan Museum Resources

2013 Financial Literacy Resources

Over the summer and fall of 2016, OFSHEEA undertook a large-scale writing project, funded by the Ministry of Education, to update Family Studies-focused financial literacy resources. These new resources align with the 2013 curriculum expectations revisions. These new resources embed a financial literacy focus into 7 select courses offered in the Family Studies discipline:

Click the link to access: 2013 Financial Literacy Resources

Resources published by the Ontario Family Studies Social Science and Humanities Leadership Council (OFS3HLC) are available for FREE download.

Click on the link to access these resources: OFS3HLC Resources

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Funded by the OSSTF, these FREE resources are designed to support ELL students in the HIF1/2O, HFN1/2O, and HLN2O courses.

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