Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives

OFSHEEA engages in new initiatives on an ongoing basis in order to support our members and promote Family Studies education in our province. These initiatives provide opportunities for members to get involved, and we encourage members to apply for paid writing positions.

Currently, we are using grant money from the Canadian Home Economics Foundation (CHEF) to develop a workshop that will prepare new Family Studies educators to deliver food and fashion labs in the classroom. These labs are an essential piece of Family Studies education, and OFSHEEA wants to ensure that all Family Studies Teachers are confident in delivering them.

OFSHEEA has also received grant money from the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF). These funds are being used to update our website to a more user-friendly platform, and to to update and catalogue our resource bank to ensure that we are providing current, useful and meaningful content to our members.

As education continues to evolve and change due to circumstances in the province, we are always looking for new ways to reach our members as well as the wider Family Studies community. We hope that increased use of virtual platforms can help to bridge some of the vast distances within our province, so that we can better reach educators in all regions of Ontario.   

Whether they are done virtually or in person, OFSHEEA’s initiatives provide excellent networking opportunities!