President’s Message


Dear Family Studies Educators, 

What are you looking forward to in 2024? Whether you have lofty professional goals, a commitment to spending more time with your community, a focus on self-care, or are simply trying to do the best you can, OFSHEEA is looking forward to supporting you in 2024.

We have so many resources for you! In addition to our member resources we have our Research and Inquiry project and our curriculum advisories on current topics. Our writing projects this year will include a course plan for Food and Culture (HFC3M/3E) as well as updated Curriculum Maps for some Family Studies courses. 

In addition to providing resources, we love engaging with members on a more direct level as well. We continue to be busy on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and we love sharing our podcast  – What the Family Studies? – with you, as well as hosting our monthly workshops! And, of course, you can always email us If you have comments, suggestions, or feedback.

I’m looking forward to teaching Parenting (HPC3O) for the first time next semester, and trying to make the course as hands-on and curiosity-driven as I possibly can! Curiosity and engagement are topics that have been on my mind lately, as I think these things help our students persevere with work that is challenging or that broadens their areas of comfort. Luckily for us, Family Studies is full of opportunities to make our content relevant to our students.

Wishing you all the best for 2024!

Theresa Aqui, OFSHEEA President