President’s Message


Dear Members and Family Studies Educators,

OFSHEEA is excited for the start of 2023 and all our new and ongoing projects! We have a great board (as always) and some great ideas. We are always looking for people to support the work of our board, by joining committees or filling our Regional Director positions. Feel free to contact us at to get involved.  

I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions, but I certainly have some goals for OFSHEEA and for myself as I start the year in this new role. I want to make sure that OFSHEEA continues to put Equity and Anti-Oppression at the centre of the work that we do, because our subject area, Family Studies, has the scope to lead the changes we need to create an education system that is safe and welcoming for all. I know that members need support to accomplish this, and supporting our members will always be first and foremost for OFSHEEA. 

OFSHEEA wishes you the best for 2023!

Kind regards,

Theresa Aqui, President