The Genius Project


The revised 2013 Social Sciences and Humanities Curriculum document brought to light the importance of strong research and inquiry skills in a well-rounded education in the subject area.  Research and Inquiry Skills is now the first strand in all courses in this curriculum document, solidifying the idea that the skills learned in this strand should be developed in conjuction with the content of the respective course.


The research and inquiry skills strand is organized under four subheadings related to the four stages of inquiry – exploring, investigating, processing information, and communicating and reflecting.


This week’s email resource blast includes a course summative task, specifically for HIF1O: Exploring Family Studies.  Included with the summative student handout (Genius Project Assignment and Worksheet) is the lesson plan (Genius Project Lesson Plan) to help you get started.  If you look closely, this summative task aligns perfectly with the focus and goals of the research and inquiry strand, while also helping students to develop proficiency in a skill that they can use and be proud of long after the course is over.


I would like to thank Peel Family Studies teacher and enthusiast Heather Bamford for this wonderful resource!

Submitted by Derek Wun

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