OFSHEEA Awards Package for 2020

Dear Valued Members: 

Everyday we have colleagues who are dedicated to Family Studies education.  They work hard to engage students and promote Family Studies and Home Economics through their teaching practice and/ or volunteer work.  To acknowledge their efforts, each year, OFSHEEA invites nominations for each of the OFSHEEA awards listed on our website.  The recipients receive the awards each year at the Annual OFSHEEA Conference.  The complete list of awards, awards criteria, and the award nomination process is easily found on our new OFSHEEA website (https://ofsheea.education/by clicking the AWARDS tab at the top of the home page. To nominate a colleague (who must be a member of OFSHEEA)  please click on the tab below the awardname and complete the Google form document to the best of your ability and click the submit button.  The form will be automatically forwarded to the award selection committee for review.  

Nominations are to be submitted by August 30th, 2020 to be considered for the 2020 OFSHEEA Conference.  

Awards recipients will be congratulated at this year’s virtual conference on the weekend of September 26th/27th, 2020.  The certificates and awards will be mailed out to recipients as soon as possible after the conference.

Thank you all for your interest and dedication to OFSHEEA and good luck to all potential nominees. 

OFSHEEA Board of Directors