Resources for Food and Culture (HFC 3M)

Check out the movie “The Hundred Foot Journey”.  This movie is about a family from India who move to Italy and open a restaurant that celebrates the food of their culture across the road from a Michelin-starred restaurant.  

Food and Culture teachers might also want to check out, “The Spice Trail”.  This program originally aired on BBC but can currently be found on TVO.  “The Spice Trail is a British television documentary series first broadcast on BBC Two in 2011 looking at the discovery and history ofspices. Presented by Kate Humble, she travels around the world to see how spices are made and investigates their history. She also tells stories and interviews the people from the areas of their origin. The series looks at how local economies are built upon the income from the spices and the threats to these economies such as disease, globalisation and fakes.” (Wikipedia is the source) 

Fashion Courses (HNL2O, HNC3C, HNB4M)

I have had students create the pencil pouches from this website tutorial This pattern is simple but teaches students several basics of sewing as well as gets students thinking about the elements of design.’s 100 Years of Fashion has been circling through social media. This short video would be a great intro to the history of fashion for HNB4M.

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