December 18 Resource Blast

Teaching split level Nutrition & Health classes


One of the great things about the Ontario secondary education system is that there is a multitude of pathways offered to students including workplace, college, and university level courses.  However, with this advantage comes some challenges that we, as Ontario teachers, face – teaching a split level class.


Not only am I tackling the HFA4U/C for just the second time, but I am teaching both levels simultaneously.  Luckily, many of the curriculum expectations overlap, allowing us to easily differentiate course content and assessments.


This week’s members-only resources will help teachers who are or will be teaching either the University or College stream Grade 12 Nutrition and Health course.  It is a choice board summative that covers the following topics within the curriculum: Finding Energy Balance, Understanding Nutritional Status, Nutrition throughout the Lifespan, Eating Patterns and Trends, and Diet and Disease.   


Feel free to tweak the activities and assessment rubric to suit the needs and learning styles of your students!

HFA4U choice board summative

HFA4C choice board summative

HFA choice board summative rubric


Submitted by: Derek Wun, OFSHEEA President


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