How will I get ready for the fall?

This is a question that as teachers we often think about – a lot. I wonder though what we actually do to answer this all-important question besides prepare awesome lessons. Is it enough to prepare courses of study: course outlines, thorough unit plans and detailed lesson plans? In this email blast I share with you some of the sites that I will review over the summer and specifically while I am preparing for the fall. I hope that you find some of them useful.

1. How will I structure my classroom to best support all students’ learning? How will I create a safe, supportive environment? Am I planning with differentiation in mind? I recommend reviewing the following resources:

a. Edugains:



b. Carol Anne Tomlinson -

c. ETFO –

d. Ministry of Education, Ontario –


2. How will I encourage my students (and myself) to takes risks and learn from mistakes? Am I planning for success? I recommend reviewing the following resources:

a. TedTalk – on Growth Mindset -

b. Carole Dweck -




3. In my planning have I considered how I will get to know my students, their strengths and areas of need? Have I taken into consideration the possible needs of English Language Learners who may be in my classes? I recommend reviewing the following resources:

a. Have I considered having my students develop a learning profile card for me to use when designing assignments or grouping students?

Check out the following Edutopia site:

Each link within the site leads you to the information on how to build and use learner profile cards.

b. The Ontario Skills Passport website has tools that help students determine the skills they have and the ones they need to develop in order to pursue their career dreams.

c. To support the English Language Learners I recommend checking out the following resources:










Great planning everyone! Linda McCulloch, Past President

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