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Happy summer break teachers!


National Geographic is focusing on the future of food this year with a series of articles in the issues April to Nov 2014. An excellent resource, well worth the subscription this

year. You can access more info on the series on these links:


National Geographic Engage Your Brain DVD Collection

Excellent DVD series for learning how the brain works.  Featuring programs from hit series Brain Games, Duck Quacks Don’t Echo, and The Numbers Game, the National Geographic Engage Your Brain Collection combines science and entertaining, interactive experiments and games to reveal the amazing inner-workings of the “crown jewel” of the human body.

Awesome Resource


Get all your department magazines electronically. Print only the resources that you need from over a 100 magazine choices. Excellent for foods, housing, parenting… Electronic magazines for 9.99 a month. Check it out!


Are you a pinterest user? OFSHEEA is now set up with boards focusing on all of the Social Science & Family Studies courses. Updated regularly. Check us out at:

Tammy Storms, Central East Regional Representative

A Place at the Table is a great resource that I used this year in my HFN2O class to highlight food insecurity. It is a documentary first and foremost about food insecurity and its ramifications. It could also be in in HFA4C/U or other social science courses since it also depicts the following themes: parenting, poverty, politics and economics. It is Americanized, but there are many parallels to Canada and can generate some thoughtful discussion in Social Science classes about current events. It is available on Netflix.


Emily Ellwood, Eastern Regional Representative

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