May 14 email blast

This week’s resource email comes from Jennifer Hill:

Want a great clip that addressing the social impact of technology and students personal devices? Watch “Look Up” 

Written, performed, and directed by Gary Turk. It’s a spoken word (5 min) film that addresses the impact that social media has on our relationships. It is a great discussion piece for a Challenge and Change HSB 4M Overall Expectation B3.

May is Celiac Awareness Month. It is a great time to discuss food trends and diets. Although there is a large group of people who consume “gluten free” diets for medical reasons, there is a large portion of the population who have picked up on the gluten free fad. I recently showed this clip from Jimmy Kimmel live to my HFA 4U/4C class as we were discussing nutrition throughout the lifecycle and adults attempt at “fad” diets. 

It involves interviews of various individuals on the street who admit they consume gluten free diets. However, when they are asked what gluten is they have no idea what it is. It really speaks to the misinformation associated with at gluten free lifestyle. If you want a great short clip that explains what is gluten try using 

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