Help for the Members of

website-screenshotThis section is dedicated to assisting the Registered Members with short video tutorials on using These tutorials are sorted by function and are only available to those who have registered or administrative privileges.

Calendar and Event Management

  1. Creating Event Categories
  2. Managing/Approving Events

Teaching Resources (Bookmark Manager)

  1. Creating Bookmark Categories
  2. Managing Bookmarks

Discussion Forum

  1. Creating Discussion Forum Categories
  2. Managing the Discussion Forum

Meeting Date Survey Tool

  1. Creating Teams
  2. Managing Team Members

The Trash Manager

  1. Managing the Trash Manager

F.A.Q (Currently offline)

  1. Creating F.A.Q. Categories
  2. Managing F.A.Q.s


  1. Creating a Newsletter
  2. Sending a Newsletter
  3. Managing Newsletters

Document Repository

  1. Creating Document Categories
  2. Managing/Approving Document Uploads


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