Membership – What’s in it for YOU!

Professional connectedness

During summer workshops and the annual conference, you will have the opportunity to meet with teachers from all parts of Ontario who share your concerns and your beliefs about the value of Family Studies.

A pro-active voice in the province

Through membership in OFSHEEA, you have representation at meetings with the Ministry of Education. You have a voice in reminding the Ministry of the value of Family Studies in the curriculum. With a unified voice, OFSHEEA speaks on your behalf.

You have a chance to be pro-active rather than reactive

You have an opportunity to make a difference. A chance to be aware of educational change as it relates to Family Studies curriculum. Through OFSHEEA communications, you will receive valuable information regarding new resources, teaching techniques and ideas to try. You will also be informed about upcoming curriculum reviews and writing opportunities.

Opportunities to work with Family Studies teachers locally, provincially, and internationally

OFSHEEA encourages your personal growth by providing opportunities to network with organizations such as the Ontario Family Studies Social Sciences and Humanities Leadership Council, Ontario Home Economics Association, Canadian Home Economics Foundation, and the International Federation of Home Economists.

Recognition of excellence in the teaching of Family Studies

You have an opportunity to nominate a colleague for their continued work within the field of Family Studies. As a member, you are also able to receive one of the many awards of distinction that OFSHEEA has to offer. This is a great way to bring recognition to your subject area and to have your Director of Education and your Principal informed of the contributions of outstanding Family Studies teachers.

An organization that speaks specifically for Family Studies educators

In order to be pro-active and have input into the changes taking place in education, we need a strong association. By being a member, you can ensure that this important subject area is not forgotten in the “grand scheme” of things. We are only as strong as our membership.

We must all do our part to promote Family Studies education. By joining OFSHEEA, you can become part of a strong voice.

Please contribute to your future as a Family Studies educator and join OFSHEEA today.

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