Summer Workshop Proposals




Going through the soft roll-out of the new and revised social sciences and humanities curriculum, OFSHEEA would like to be part of your journey as you revise, network and share with other professionals in the field. In preparation for the mandatory implementation of our curriculum beginning September 2014, OFSHEEA would like to offer some summer workshops!

Do you have great ideas that you would be willing to share with other OFSHEEA members that will meet the expectations for the new curriculum? Or do you have great ideas that would help support teachers new to Family Studies? If so, please consider presenting a workshop in the summer of 2014!

The Ontario Family Studies/Home Economics Educators’ Association is looking for enthusiastic and dynamic speakers (or team of speakers) to prepare and present workshops during the summer of 2014.

Potential topics include:

NEW grade 10 fashion course: Clothing (HNL2O). Basic “How To” associated with techniques and technologies used to create garments and accessories–for teachers with no sewing experience (minimum 10 registrants, maximum 20 registrants).

Basic “How To” for teachers with little or no experience in running food and nutrition labs and classes (minimum 10 registrants, maximum 20 registrants). Meet the expectations for the REVISED grade 10 Food and Nutrition (HFN2O).

NEW Food & Culture course (HFC3M &HFC3L). Cooking techniques, foods, and cultural traditions of world cuisines. Explore the origins of and developments in diverse food traditions.

Creating and Celebrating Diversity in Canadian Families–focus on issues and challenges facing individuals and families in Canada’s diverse society. Meet the expectations for the REVISED Families in Canada course (HHS4U & HHS4C).

NEW Equity and Social Justice: From Theory to Practice course (HSE4M). Analyse strategies for bringing about positive social change by focusing on historical and contemporary equity and social justice issues in Canada and globally.

NEW Gender Studies course (HSG3M). Impact of representations of women and men in the media, popular culture, and the arts. Analyze a range of gender equity issues.

Integrating Research and Inquiry Skills in Family Studies/Social Science courses

Incorporating Financial Literacy in Family Studies Courses

Integrating Technology in the Social Sciences and Humanities/Family Studies Classroom

Other workshop topics covering new courses in the curriculum are welcome!

Please run your idea by our Future Directions Director for consideration. Workshops are to take place in early July, but will depend on facility availability. Payment not to exceed $1000.

Presenters or teams of presenters should prepare and submit an outline of their proposed workshop to OFSHEEA. The following components should be included in the proposal and the workshop:

Welcome and Introduction Activities

Background Information

Course challenges / Challenges related to the topic

Course (or topic) specific details (strategies, activities, assignments, labs, etc. that can be completed and used – provide examples.)

Assessment and evaluation strategies for the course or related to the topic

Course culminating activity

Resource sharing


Additional Information

All workshop materials must be submitted in electronic form to the OFSHEEA editor well in advance of the workshop. The presenter will make revisions to workshop materials as suggested by the OFSHEEA editor. Copyrighted material can be referred to during the workshop, but may not be submitted as part of the written materials package. All workshop materials must meet Ministry standards. All workshop materials become the property of OFSHEEA and may be published and/or sold at future OFSHEEA events.

Interested presenters or teams of presenters should send workshop proposals in electronic form to the OFSHEEA Future Directions Director, Roula Hawa at Please be sure to include your contact information. Proposals must be submitted by March 15, 2014 Please contact Roula Hawa if you require further details.


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