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“To This Day” is a powerful video, created through a collaborative effort of animators and motion

artists, that explores the profound and lasting impact bullying can have on an individual. The

video was inspired by a haunting, yet beautiful spoken word poem written by Shayne Koyczan.

Here is the link:

This video is a great tool to use in the Family Studies classroom, in particular when introducing

or reinforcing the concepts of bullying, healthy relationships, adolescent relationships, and

human development. The video and its key messages of the importance of confronting bullying

can easily be linked to a variety of curriculum expectations in various Family Studies courses,

including: Exploring Family Studies (HIF1O), Dynamics of Human Relationships (HHD3O),

Families in Canada (HHS4U/HHS4C), Human Development throughout the Lifespan (HHG4M),

and Personal Life Management (HIP4O0).

I have used it in my own classroom and have had very positive responses from students, followed

by thoroughly engaging discussions on the impact bullying can have on development and

strategies to fight back to support those who are targeted. I encourage you to try it in your own


Derek Wun


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