Email Blast June 4

Jenni Marr, OFSHEEA Metro Representative, brings you this week’s resource that she has used in HSP.  

The following is a link to the trailer of a documentary from the National Film Board of Canada entitled Out of Mind, Out of Sight

“This feature documentary profiles four residents of the Brockville Mental Health Centre, a forensic psychiatric hospital for people who have committed violent crimes. Four patients—two men and two women—struggle to gain control over their lives so they can return to a society that often fears and demonizes them. Shrouded in stigma, institutions like this one are places into which patients disappear from public view for years. Four-time Emmy winner John Kastner was granted unprecedented access to the Brockville facility for 18 months, allowing 46 patients and 75 staff to share their experiences with stunning frankness.”

The Ministry of Labour is looking to update the Live Safe! Work Smart resource and would like input from educators as to the needs of the sector.

The information gathered will be used in the development of future resources.

Ontario is one few jurisdictions in the world that includes health and safety education in appropriate curriculum, policies and programs to help prepare students for healthy and safe working lives. Since 1999, when the new curriculum was launched, injury rates for Ontario teenagers have decreased by 70%, no doubt influenced by lessons taught by Ontario teachers.

The Ministry of Labour has produced and provided the Live Safe! Work Smart! set of teacher resources, teacher web site, related resources and delivered support to the education system for nearly 15 years to facilitate student safety education.

To help us ensure we continue to provide relevant, appropriate and well-used resources and supports for teachers, please complete the survey to help inform a renewal plan. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. It’s open for responses until June 30th.



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