This is a brilliant communication piece for teachers to use to remind their students to bring items to class such as textbooks and field trip forms. It can also be used to remind students about very important due dates and upcoming events.  It keeps a record of all your messages sent.  You can set it up for each class and even extra-curricular activities.  If students do not have a data plan, the messages can be sent to their emails as well. It has added a chat feature this year and although I was very skeptical about it in the beginning, the chat feature has been amazing!  For example, when shopping for groceries, I can message students to find out about food allergies (if I left my list at work) and they can immediately respond back to me.  You can turn the chat feature off and just use it as a one-way communication system. The best part is that this texting system is completely free! I have used it for 3 years and love it as do my students! If you do sign up, tell them that Jenn Marr sent you!

Here is an assignment that can be adapted for every class.  It is called “Collective Reading Assignment” and A *Collective Reading* is a way to break up large chunks of text into smaller, more manageable bits.  It involves working together to read the material and share information.

Attached is one for HSP3U but I have used it in many other courses!


Collective Reading Assignment

Sent by: Jenn Marr

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