Don’t have the time to pull out all the ingredients for a demo?  Did you forget to pick up your groceries? Don’t have access to a food lab for a demo? Have you ever considered showing a youtube demo of your recipe?  There are many great youtube and online videos i.e. Foodland Ontario, Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, etc. That have great demos of their recipes. “Joy of Baking” is one website that I use for baking demos.  I have my foods classes watch the demo the day before a lab to observe the various cooking or baking techniques. There is a great Chocolate Chip Scone recipe on the website that highlights kneading dough. I use this lab in conjunction with my lessons on the role of ingredients in baking.  This is a great lab for HFA 4C/4U. Please visit the “members only” section of our website to download the recipe, video link and lab report that accompanies the video.

Chocolate Chip Scone Lab Report

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