Regional Merit and Student Scholarship Awards

Dear Valued Members:


We have great professionals who work in the different areas of Family Studies and Home Economics, and it is important to recognize their dedication and hard work. Each year OFSHEEA encourages and invites nominations for each of the OFSHEEA awards given out at the Annual General Meeting.


Every Monday, OFSHEEA will be requesting nominations of individuals to be considered for selection at this year’s Annual General Meeting and Fall Conference. [Note: the person being nominated must be a member of OFSHEEA, with the exception of the Student Scholarship Award.]


All nominations are due by Friday, June 29th, 2018.


Process for Nominating a Colleague or Student:


1.    Read the award description and select a colleague or student you believe is deserving and to which they fit the criteria. The person does not have to have every single criteria but should have most. 


2.    Nominate the colleague or student!  Complete the nomination form and send it to   It’s that easy!


The awards selection committee then reviews the applications and makes final selections. All awards are announced at the annual fall conference – Saturday November 3, 2018. Thank you all for your interest and dedication to OFSHEEA and good luck to all potential nominees.


Nomination Criteria for Regional Merit Award

Regional Merit Award Nomination Form

Nomination Criteria for Student Scholarship Award

Student Scholarship Award Nomination Form


Thank you,

OFSHEEA Planning Committee

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