The documentary, Living on One Dollar, meets the Global Inequalities strand of the HSB4U – Challenge and Change Curriculum. Specifically, the film can be used to cover the expectation in D1.4; explain how various socio-economic conditions (e.g., international competition, prejudice, unfavourable economic conditions, military occupation/rule) and structures (e.g., the welfare system, public health and education, non-profit social service organizations) operate to increase, entrench, or alleviate poverty.
What it is about:
The documentary follows three young adults from America living on $1 / day in Guatemala to simulate the extreme poverty that many people face. 
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How to obtain the video:
You can watch the official trailer here,, or through the OFSHEEA Youtube playlist. The OFSHEEA Youtube playlist is accessible through the Youtube icon at the top of the website or at this link,
The full documentary can be viewed on Netflix or purchased from their website at for an affordable price. (Please note that OFSHEEA is not affiliated with this organization in any way). 


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