September 9 Resource Blast

I tried something different last year for my HFN2O exam, and thought I would share it.

The Skill expectations in HFN2O can be summed up into the following: kitchen safety skills, food safety skills, kitchen literacy and numeracy skills and food preparation skills.  I started their “exam” very early in the semester, by encouraging them to take videos of themselves demonstrating the aforementioned skills, either at home or in the school lab.  The students uploaded their videos onto their Youtube channels (which they get as each student has a google account).  As such, the result was an e-portfolio of their best work.  At the end of the semester, students can select their best videos for assessment.  I created some of my own videos to model for the students, please see the following link for my Youtube channel:

The actual assignment I provide for my students as well as the rubric is available for OFSHEEA members only here, HFN2O Final Exam Ellwood.

Submitted By:  Emily Ellwood – Eastern Regional Representative

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